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Articles & Whitepapers

Introduction to Waterfall Unidirectional Security Gateways: True Unidirectionality, True Security

(2011 whitepaper)

Securing Power Generation with Unidirectional Security Gateways: A Unidirectional Reference Architecture

Waterfall Security Solutions (2015 whitepaper)

Expendable ICS Networks?

Lior Frenkel, CEO and Co-Founder, Waterfall Security Solutions (2014 article)

Hardware-Enforced Perimeters = Absolute Protection?

Andrew Ginter (2012 Pen-Test Magazine)

Experience with Unidirectional Security Gateways Protecting Industrial Control Systems

Lior Frenkel, Danny Berko & Andrew Ginter (2012 CRITIS)

Stronger than Firewalls: A Case Study Securing Offshore Platforms

Andrew Ginter (2012 Entelec Fall Seminar Series)

Detroit Water Experience with Unidirectional Gateways

Andrew Ginter & Biren Saparia (2012 WEFTEC)

Unidirectional Gateways vs. Firewalls: Comparing Costs

(2012 whitepaper)

DuQu, Stuxnet, APT and Other Failures of ICS Security

Andrew Ginter (2012 AFPM Q&A and Technology Forum)

Protecting Control Systems from Advanced Threats

Andrew Ginter (2012 AFPM Annual Meeting)

No SilverBullets: Whitelisting / Application Control

Andrew Ginter (2012 S4)

Applying NERC-CIP CAN-0024 Guidance for Data Diodes to Unidirectional Security Gateways

(2012 whitepaper)

Advanced Protection for Advanced Threats: Securing Turbine Management Connections

Lior Frenkel (ACS 2011 ICS Cyber Security Conference)

Network Isolation for Advanced Threats

Andrew Ginter (2011 Entelec)

Recorded Webinars

Strong Cyber Perimeter Protections with Unidirectional Communications

Andrew Ginter (2011 NPRA)

Maximize Security to Minimize Compliance Costs

Steve Parker and Andrew Ginter (2015 Energysec)

Novel Designs for Perimeter Protection in the Bulk Electric System

Steve Parker and Andrew Ginter (2013 Energysec)

Unidirectional Security Gateways Protect an Electric System Balancing Authority: A Case Study

Andrew Ginter (2013)

Security Technologies and NERC CIP Implications

Paul Feldman, Mohan Ramanathan, Jeff Lauer, and Andrew Ginter (2013)

Strong Security in NERC CIP Version 5: Unidirectional Security Gateways

Chris Humphreys and Andrew Ginter (2013)
Slide deck (PDF)
Full Q&A (PDF)

Stronger Than Firewalls – And Cheaper Too

Joel Langill and Andrew Ginter (2012)

Non-Routable Unidirectional Gateways – a New Alternative for NERC-CIP v4

Seán Paul McGurk, Mark Simon, and Andrew Ginter (2012)

NERC Issues CAN-0024: Guidance for Unidirectional, Routable Communications

Mark Simon, Joel Langill & Andrew Ginter (2012)

Strong Cybersecurity: Power Plant Case Study

Dennis Kilgore & Andrew Ginter (2011)



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